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Katowice Airport

  • PAX: 4,843,889

About The Airport

Katowice Airport handles the most urbanised region of Poland, i.e. the Metropolis GZM (population: 2.3 million) in the south of the country. 14.2 million persons live in the catchment area of the airport. The airport has a rich network of regular routes, it is also the country leader in the area of charter flights; it is one of the biggest Polish cargo airports. It has the most advanced aircraft maintenance infrastructure among Polish regional airports. Big low-cost and charter airlines have established bases at Katowice Airport. The "Summer 2023" network at Katowice Airport comprises 107 routes to 29 countries, including 58 charter routes. The latest forecast states that a record-breaking number of over 5 million passengers will travel via the airport’s network of flights.

 Katowice Airport main assets are:

  • Operational 24/7 without any curfews or restrictions
  • Catchment area of 14.2 million people

  • Situated near the intersection of the main European transport rautes and
    the biggest in Poland motorway junction links the A1 (North–South) and
    A4 (East–West) motorways