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Passenger Statistics - May 2017

Record-breaking fifth month of the year at KTW

May 2017 at Katowice Airport closed with record-breaking results in all segments of passenger traffic - overall, regular and charter.

For the first time in the airport's history, Katowice Airport handled more than 300 000 passengers, in the fifth month of the year. There were 308 741passengers overall, which translates to 57 675 more (+23%) in comparison to the same month a year earlier.

In terms of regularly-scheduled services offered from Katowice Airport, in May 2017, the airport handled 213 176 passengers, which is 26 295 more (+14%)than in May the previous year.

Katowice Airport also showed pleasing results in charter traffic. This segment of passenger traffic handled 95 132 passengers, which is 31 425 more (+49%)in comparison to the same month a year earlier.

From the beginning of the year, Katowice Airport has handled 1 115 662passengers, which is 145 139 more passengers (+15%) than in the first five months of the previous year. In regular services, the port has handled 894 106passengers, which is 86 267 more (+10.7%) passengers than in January - May 2016 time period. In terms of charter services available, from the beginning of the year to the end of May, Katowice Airport handled a record-breaking 216 723 passengers, which is 58 560 more passengers (+37%) in comparison to the same time period a year earlier.