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  • PAX: 8,703,000

About The Airport

  • 10.3 million passengers in 2017 + 7.6% growth vs 2016!
  • A brand new terminal, with 70,000 square meters
  • Euro- regional hub of the Air France-KLM group
  • easyJet & transavia base 
  • # 2 economic region in France after Paris
  • As large as Ireland, as rich as Finland, as populated as Switzerland
  • 12 million catchment area
  • All year round traffic potential
  • Good  mix between business and leisure traffic

With nearly 67% international traffic and 120 destinations, Lyon Airport has firmly established itself as an international airport and has confirmed its position as a major entry point to Europe.

Airlines load factor % has risen 10 points over the last 6 years and over the same period, more than 7 airlines chose LYS and more than 20 new scheduled destinations opened.

It also has some of the greatest potential for development in all of Europe. To support the airport’s growth, a significant programme of investments includes the building of a new Terminal for 2017, infrastructure that will support the jump in low-cost flight, welcome new air carriers and better receive legacy airlines.

Discover our potential

  • A top ranking, high growth economic region  - A 10%-15% France Microcosm Demography
  • 11% + of France External Trade (12% Export)
  • > 6 Million GDP 190 € Billion (GDP/Capita > Average EU 27)
  • The first tourist gateway to the French Alps and a Unesco world heritage city.
  • Strong interconnectivity to catch 12 million inhabitants within 2 hours.

Our airport demonstrates some of the most exciting development potential in Europe.
Our ambition is to be a high-performance airport at the human level. An attractive bustling space, but also a unique place of exchange that makes business dynamic.

Directly linked to the second most important economic region in France and located at the heart of a transport hub connecting air, road and train travel, Aeroports de Lyon is a major European hub for commercial airlines, charter planes, low-cost carriers and business jets.

Discover our potential, our services. We’ll help you to make the right choices for growth and development.

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Facts and Figures

  • List of Top 5 Airlines: easyJet, Hop!, Air France/KLM,Lufthansa, Transavia
  • Number of Serving Airlines: 58
  • Number of Direct Destinations: 120
  • Number of Terminals: 3
  • Number of Runways: 2
  • Length of Main Runway (m): 4,000m & 2 670 m
  • Passenger Numbers (mppa): 10.3 million passengers
  • Cargo Tonnes (p.a.): 51,629 tons (+22,7%)
  • Ownership: Aéroports de Lyon SA
  • Operational Opening Hours: 24h
  • Total Catchment Population: 15 million
  • Urban Population: 2.6 Million Greater Lyon - 6.2 Million in Rhône-Alps
  • Aircraft Parking Stands: 41 gates connected directly to terminals (including 16 jet bridges) / 30 remote gates