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Marseille will host Tech For Good in the Mediterranean while waiting for the Emerging Valley summit to be held in April 2021

Both events chose Marseille, crossraod betwenn Europe and Africa, to gather participants, ensuring compliance with the relevant sanitary rules

"Emerging Valley" reinforces its line of action by supporting and building the resilience of entrepreneurial ecosystems and continues to bring impactful leaders to the forefront while promoting sustainable and resilient solutions to the emergencies and challenges of our time. The summit will showcase investors, African start-ups and the emerging digital ecosystems of the Mediterranean and Africa in order to develop their international attractiveness, their business relationships and to accelerate their impact on a global scale", says a press release. Published on Tuesday 20 October 2020 by the organisers of this international summit bringing together the technical and innovative ecosystems of Africa and Europe, it sets out the four key points of this event: territorial resilience; e-health innovations between Europe and Africa in the context of Covid-19; biodiversity and agritech; cultural and creative industries.

Delegations from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and South Africa have already confirmed their participation.

Dedicated to positive innovation, Tech For Good in the Mediterranean is launched in the dynamics of the Summit on both shores and becomes the Emerging Valley acceleration programme in the Mediterranean countries. This event will await its fourth edition.

In early December 2019, Emerging Valley and its founder in 2017 Samir Abdelkrim welcomed 1,350 participants from 45 countries, 130 speakers and 140 start-ups at The Camp in Aix-en-Provence.