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Press release Record traffic levels at Marseille-Provence Airport

No crisis at Marseille-Provence Airport!

Flying in the face of air traffic trends at other European airports and around the world,
Marseille-Provence Airport has been breaking record after record since the beginning
of the year. During the first six months, Marseille-Provence achieved the second
biggest increase in passenger traffic among Europe's 100 main airports (Source: ACI
Europe), and the summer season went on to be a classic.

In 2009, France's 3rd biggest airport (excl. Paris) serving the South of France (Provence &
the Riviera), exceeded the symbolic figure of 100 direct routes.
Despite the current crisis, traffic levels since the beginning of the year are up by 3.9%, whilst
the average main European airport is experiencing a fall in traffic of almost 10% (Source: ACI
During 2009, traffic only fell in the months of January and February, mainly due to
exceptional weather conditions in January, when the airport had to close because of
unprecedented snow falls, and countless weather problems throughout Europe in February.
Supply creates demand at Marseille-Provence
The main reasons for such success are linked to mp², the low-cost terminal that opened in
November 2006. It currently serves 31 destinations in France, Morocco and throughout
Europe, and is expected to handle over 1.6 million passengers this year. Ryanair is the main
operator, basing 4 of its aircraft at the terminal and adding rotations using aircraft based
elsewhere. Other airlines include easyJet, Jet4you and Germanwings.
The strength of the mp² product resides in heavy segmentation of the offering at the airport.
The mp² brand is now recognised as a benchmark by airlines ("mp² is THE 1st class terminal
for low-cost operations," said Michael Cawley, Deputy CEO of Ryanair), and also by the
passengers who use this terminal in addition to their usual travel habits.
Low-cost traffic now accounts for almost 23% of total traffic at mp Airport.
Traffic generated by low-cost operators in Marseille is additional traffic. Existing traffic at the
main terminal (mp1), used by legacy and charter airlines, has not been cannibalised.