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Free Internet at Zurich Airport

Since 1 January 2013 Zurich Airport has been offering passengers and visitors the opportunity to surf the Internet anywhere in the airport for 60 minutes free of charge every six hours,.-.whether via WiFi or at a fixed Internet station. With this step, the airport has satisfied a need frequently voiced by travellers.

Passengers who fly out in the morning and return in the evening can take advantage of another free hour after just six hours. A Wi-Fi-compatible notebook, smart phone, tablet or other Wi-Fi-compatible device is needed for free access. Users can log in via text message.

      How to log in:
    • Select the WLAN network “ZurichAirport”
    • A connection to the log-in page is created automatically
    • Select “Not yet registered?”
    • Enter your mobile phone number and send
    • A code will be sent to you via text message
    • Enter the code on the registration screen and click “Login” (the code will be saved for six months)
    • Purchase additional surfing credit

After the free 60 minutes, additional surfing credit may be purchased with a credit card.