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United and Zurich Airport celebrate

25 years of non-stop flights to New York/Newark and 20 years of non-stop service to Washington, D.C.

Switzerland is a success story for United Airlines – for 25 years. June 2, 2024 marked the 25th anniversary of United's non-stop service between Zurich Airport and New York (Newark). During these two and a half decades, United has operated more than 16,300 flights on this route, bringing over 2.4 million passengers to the Big Apple and destinations beyond.

But that's not all. United and Zurich Airport have even more to celebrate. June 4, 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of non-stop flights between Zurich and the US capital Washington, D.C. Since 2004, the airline has carried more than 2 million passengers on over 17,500 flights from ZRH to Washington Dulles International Airport.