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Aalborg Airport

  • Country/Region: Flag of Denmark Denmark
  • Telephone: + 45 98 17 11 44
  • Website: www.aal.dk
  • PAX: 1,609,965



Aalborg Airport is third largest and the fastest-growing airport in Denmark – we service the market from central Jutland northwards which covers approximately 2.5 million passengers. We are looked upon as the natural gateway due to our easy access by car and soon by national train. With our free car parking we even attract passengers from southern Denmark and the southern part of Norway due to our location and services.

Aalborg is an international city and more global companies are settling here due to the benefits of the region and the route network Aalborg Airport has. One of the biggest...

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Expected decline at Aalborg Airport in 2019


At Aalborg Airport, 2019 was a year of great investments for the benefit of travelers, and at the same time a year where the number of passengers...

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