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Up and Running

The new automatic self-service bag drop system, Air.Go Bag Drop, at Aalborg Airport is now up and running. Since the 1st of December, passengers have had the opportunity to experience the new system in function.

The testing and installation process of the new automatic self-service bag drop system has been completed, and has since the 1st of December been up and running. Several passengers, traveling with Norwegian, have experienced the new Air.Go Bag Drop system in function, and things have been running smoothly.

So far, the system has been available for passengers traveling with Norwegian, but passengers traveling with SAS will soon be able to experience the new way of baggage check-in at Aalborg Airport as well.

The RFID-driven bag drop system makes baggage handling easy and efficient, as it operates completely automatic, and with the stored passenger information within the baggage tag; lost luggage is easily located and returned. With the automatisation, fewer staffed check-in counters are required, meaning that the workflow of the airport’s check-in area is being optimized, where customer service can be focused at passengers in need of special assistance – increasing passenger flow.

The previous number of staffed check-in counters will still be operated in the immediate period following, but in the new year, baggage drop at Aalborg Airport will be primarily automatic – presenting the end of long queues.

Two additional Air.Go Bag Drop systems will stand ready and functional in the beginning of January.