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Lufthansa adjusts departures to and from Aalborg Airport

With the adjustments Lufthansa hopes to meet an increasing demand

Passengers needs between Aalborg Airport and Frankfurt have inspired Lufthansa to adjust their departure and arrival times between the two airports.

Starting with the winter schedule flights will depart from Aalborg Airport at 6:30 am. and 12:45 pm. With these improvements passengers will experience an increased potential for connections to one of the many overseas flights from Frankfurt Airport. This means better connections for Aalborg Airport’s passengers who have a connecting flight to the northern part of America from Frankfurt.

Entry and return on the same day

The adjustments will also make it easier for passengers who wish  to depart and return on the same day, which among more includes business meetings across country boarders. Departures from Frankfurt Airport to Aalborg Airport will continue to be at. 10:30 am. and 21:35 pm., which also provides space for passengers with a stopover in Frankfurt and final landing in Aalborg to obtain connection for the departures.

Lufthansa has been pleased with the progress they've experienced on the route. That is why they want to improve the timetable to meet the growing demand among the passengers to and from Aalborg. Aalborg Airport is pleased with the partnership with Lufthansa and is expecting a higher passenger rates with the new departures.

Aalborg Airport – Frankfurt Airport
- Departure: am. 06:30 – Arrival: am. 08:10
- Departure: pm. 12:45 - Arrival: pm. 14:25

Frankfurt Airport – Aalborg Airport
- Departure: am. 10:30 - Arrival: pm. 12:10
- Departure: pm. 21:35 - Arrival: pm. 23:15