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  • PAX: 1,462,507

Historical Record

With more than 150,000 passengers travelling to and from Aalborg Airport in September 2016, this month has officially broken a record in the 78-year-old long history of the airport. The exact number is 150,307, which was caused by a positive development in both domestic traffic as well as charter. Compared to September last year, the total number of passengers has increased by 2.4 percent.

September is typically a very busy month at Aalborg Airport, but this September was extraordinary good. With more than 150.000 passengers and an increase of 2,4 percent, this marks a historical record, where September 2016 is the best month ever in Aalborg Airport's 78-year-old history. 

In relation to September 2015, the charter traffic has increased by 14 percent, where the CEO of Aalborg Airport Søren Svendsen states:

- Aalborg Airport has in the past years accomplished a quite strong position as a desirable airport for charter vacations. The increase is among other things thanks to travel agencies such as TUI, SunCharter and Bravo Tours. These agencies have upgraded their concepts and are now attracting more costumers because of a broader reach. This modification to the market nowadays and our competitiveness on the free parking spaces we offer is a perfect match.

Especially the domestic traffic show an extraordinary improvement compared to the same month last year. Last year’s 78,613 passengers to and from CPH Airport compared with this year’s 84,777 meant in terms of percentage an increase of 7,8 percent.

Moreover, CEO Søren Svendsen reveals a new collaboration with Business Region North and VisitNordjylland, on a common goal to establish an Incoming Bureau  - with the purpose to attract more tourists to Aalborg and Nordjylland.