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New Danish airline with base at Aalborg Airport

The airline Great Dane Airlines was presented on February 14 at a press conference at Aalborg Airport. It is a new Danish airline based in Aalborg, which will fly direct to Edinburgh, Dublin and Nice from the upcoming summer program. In addition, Great Dane Airlines will fly for charter organizers Nilles Rejser and Bravo Tours to existing and new destinations.

At a press conference at Aalborg Airport, a new Danish airline, Great Dane Airlines, could reveal that they open up with a base and office at Aalborg Airport, from where they will fly weekly directly to Edinburgh, Dublin and Nice from June 2019. In addition, They will fly for the charter operators Nilles Travel, which organizes round trips in Scotland and Ireland and Bravo Tours, which offers travels to Crete, Mallorca, Rhodes and Golden Sands.

About Great Dane Airlines

Great Dane Airlines is founded by Duc Huy Nguyen and Thomas Hugo Møller, who are CFO and CEO respectively of the company. It is an airline with strong North Jutland roots, which is based on close cooperation between the airline, the North Jutland business community, the travelers, charter operators and Aalborg Airport, where there is focus on both charter and flight-only for the business and leisure market.

“At Great Dane Airlines, we will focus on the need for charter companies and be quick and adaptable in relation to wishes and needs. Our knowledge and close cooperation with the airport ensures that we always keep our finger on the pulse and can act on opportunities that arise,” says CEO Thomas Hugo Møller, adding: "The interest in the product has been absolutely overwhelming - we can clearly feel that the product has been missing in the industry. ”

Destinations (scheduled flights):

Aalborg - Edinburgh: Every Tuesday from week 25 and every Thursday and Saturday from week 34. The ticket price starts from 599, - one-way.
Aalborg - Dublin: Every Tuesday from week 25 with prices from 599, - one-way.
Aalborg - Nice: Every Wednesday from week 26 with ticket prices from 499, - one-way.

The ticket sales for the above routes start on March 5 at www.greatdaneairlines.dk

Destinations (charter flights in the summer program 2019):

Aalborg - Mallorca
Aalborg - Rhodes
Aalborg - Crete
Aalborg - Varna
Aalborg - Dublin
Aalborg - Edinburgh

These trips are offered by tour operators Bravo Tours and Nilles Travel.

Office at Aalborg Airport

Great Dane Airlines has an office and base at Aalborg Airport, from which the daily operations are managed. During the daytime, the ground floor will be manned by their customer service staff, and the first floor will be arranged for the operation center, from where monitoring of flights and coordination with airports around changes etc. be made.

"The advantage of being at Aalborg Airport is that we are always in close dialogue with our customers and our business partners," concludes Thomas Hugo Møller.