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Aalborg Airport ready for Summer

May 2019 at Aalborg Airport, could not live up to last year's May record, which is still due to a lower travel offer abroad. Thus, during the year's last spring month, there was a 10.1% decline in passenger traffic compared to May 2018.

In May 2019, there was a passenger decline of 10.1 per cent compared to the same month last year. 134,602 passengers traveled to and from Aalborg Airport this year against 149,696 in May 2018.

A summer lift for foreign traffic

Foreign traffic went back in May 2019 by 14.6 percent, with 45,830 passengers traveling through the airport this year against 53,671 passengers in May 2018.

- Foreign traffic has been hit hard so far in 2019, but turning your gaze to the forecourt, Great Dane Airlines' first flight is ready to head for Edinburgh, Dublin and Nice in late June as well as several charter destinations. In addition, routes such as Amsterdam, Malaga, Barcelona and Antalya are still in good development with a high occupancy rate in May, which is why we see a strong travel offer abroad towards the schools' summer holidays , says airport director Søren Svendsen.

In May 2019 there were 14,472 charter travelers to and from Aalborg Airport against 16,837 travelers in May 2018 - a decline of 14.0 percent.

Expected decline in domestic traffic

The number of domestic travelers in May 2019 decreased by 6.2 percent compared to May 2018, when there were 79,188 travelers to and from Copenhagen and Bornholm against 74,300 this year.

- The first few days in May started out with the ongoing pilot strike at SAS, which resulted in a number of cancellations to and from Copenhagen, why a monthly decline was expected. In light of this, a decline of 6.2 per cent is therefore acceptable, as the occupancy rate for the rest of the month for both SAS and Norwegian has been reasonable. At the same time, there is a greater supply for Bornholm this year in the high season, as opposed to last year and especially towards the annual public meeting with a full five departures in week 24, Søren Svendsen concludes.

Official opening of new security flow

May 2019 also became the month when Aalborg Airport inaugurated the new security flow, which is 80 percent more efficient than the previous one, and thus gives it even shorter waiting time for passengers when they go through the security check.