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New Sales- & Marketing Director at Aalborg Airport

Monday the 18th of October 2021, the new Sales- & Marketing Director (CCO), Martin Svendsen, landed at Aalborg Airport. As part of the management team, he will be in charge of the airport's commercial efforts going forward.

Martin Svendsen will, as CCO at Aalborg Airport, lift the commercial operations and promote the airport's international market position – for the benefit of the region as well as leisure and business travelers throughout Western Denmark.

Marketing profile with extensive experience in ecommerce

Martin Svendsen comes from a director position in NORRIQ, which is an international digitalisation consulting house, where Martin for the past five years had the overall responsibility for sales, operations and strategy development for ecommerce and Business Intelligence.

– It is a pleasure at Aalborg Airport to say welcome to Martin Svendsen, who has a strong profile in marketing, ecommerce and data. He is therefore the right man to strengthen the commercial level at Aalborg Airport – both in relation to our position as an attractive and preferred international airport, but also in the further development of, among other things, our DutyFree and restaurant area, says CEO Niels Hemmingsen.

Strong roots in Northern Jutland

Prior to his position at NORRIQ, Martin Svendsen worked as, among other things, Contact Director in the North Jutland advertising industry – including SHRPA, Combine and Clienti. Therefore, he also has a great knowledge and strong roots in Northern Jutland, where Aalborg Airport has been the natural gateway to the world.

– I do not know how many times I have been at Aalborg Airport as a passenger, either on my way to work in Copenhagen or on holiday with the family. From the moment I park the car until I sit in the plane, there is a completely unique atmosphere and a service of distinction all the way through the terminal. It's incredible what just a smile can do for a passenger's travel experience. It is therefore with great joy and expectation that I can join the journey and make my mark on the future of the international airport in North Jutland, says CCO Martin Svendsen.