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Ready for the Summer Traffic with Increasing Travel Activity

The travel activity continues to increase at Aalborg Airport, with 101,621 passengers through the terminal in March 2022, corresponding to 83.3 percent of the 2019 passenger level. At the same time, the last weekend in March marked the transition to the summer program - with, among other things, the start-up of the routes to Bornholm and Mallorca as well as the fourth daily departure with KLM to Amsterdam.

In March 2022, 101,621 passengers traveled to and from Aalborg Airport, corresponding to an increase of 38.5 percent compared to February 2022. With the routes to Oslo, London, Stockholm and Kaunas, among others, in full swing throughout the month, it was foreign traffic that greatly lifted the increasing travel activity.

The Fourth Daily Departure to Amsterdam is Back

Compared to February 2022, there was a passenger increase in foreign traffic of as much as 68.1 percent, corresponding to 9,676 more travelers abroad by scheduled flights. Around 44 percent of them were seated on a KLM flight to and from Amsterdam.

- It is fantastic that we again have four daily departures to Amsterdam with KLM, which were close to fully booked. In terms of traffic, we are therefore very close to normal here at the beginning of the summer season, where, among other things, Corendon Airlines and SunExpress also start up in early April to Antalya, after which summer charters follow during the Easter holidays. We are more than ready to experience the buzzing travel joy again in a packed terminal, where the staff, without a face mask or visor, can provide a good service, where we will always aim to be even better, says airport director Niels Hemmingsen.

Domestic Traffic Close to 2019 Passenger Level

On March 24, 2022, the summer program for the holiday island of Bornholm was launched - with 3-4 weekly departures throughout the summer. Together with the route to Copenhagen, we reached 95.3 percent of the passenger level in 2019 in March.

- We see a positive improvement in domestic traffic, which we expect to be above the 2019 level over the next few months, just as we saw back in the second half of 2021. We see an increase in corporate travel activity, where the route to Copenhagen plays a very large role, in the same way as Amsterdam, when the journey goes beyond the Danish borders. At the same time, the cheap airline tickets attract leisure travelers who, for example, see the opportunity to visit family and friends more often, concludes Niels Hemmingsen.