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More than 150,000 Passengers in the Biggest Travel Month of the Year

In September 2023 at Aalborg Airport, sunny experiences were in high demand for the holiday-loving Danes, who set course for e.g. Malaga, Mallorca and the Greek holiday islands. At the same time, the business traffic has picked up the pace after the previous summer months, resulting in an increase in travel activity domesticaly and abroad - with more than 150,000 travelers in total for the month.

A mix of increased travel activity for businesses and a plethora of ​​overseas and European vacation opportunities made September the biggest month of the year at Aalborg Airport – with 150,734 travelers to and from the airport, corresponding to a total increase of 4.6 percent compared to September 2022. This made it the largest September in 5 years and historically the third largest September ever at the airport.

An significant increase in holiday traffic abroad

With few empty seats on September's charter flights, it is clear that traditional charter and package trips are in high demand among Danes. At the same time, in comparison with last year, the route capacity to Malaga and Amsterdam, among others, has been increased, to which KLM once again flies regularly four times a day.

- Again, we see a large growth in foreign traffic compared to 2022, where it is clear that extra capacity has been prioritized on the routes to for example Malaga and Amsterdam. We have now entered the final part of the summer program, and from now on and within the next few months, the summer program for next year will be revealed and ticket sales set in motion. It is therefore already possible to book next year's trip to a large part of the well-known charter destinations as well as to Naples and New York, among others. Fortunately, a great winter programme will soon begin, where we can look forward to the route news Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Madeira as well as the charter news La Palma, says CEO Niels Hemmingsen.

Growth in Business Travelers to and from Copenhagen

Driven by travelers to and from Copenhagen, the traffic figures for September 2023 show a positive development in domestic traffic, with an improvement compared to the previous months.

- Looking at the number of travelers month by month, we are coming out reasonably well in September on the domestic part. Of course, there is still some way to go to reach the level from last year when three operators were fully operational on the route, but we have seen an increase in travel activity when comparing it to previous months. This indicates that the number of business trips has taken a positive turn, with companies increasingly prioritizing physical meetings over online meetings. We expect to see the same positive trend in the coming months, concludes CEO Niels Hemmingsen.