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First Direct Non-stop flight with airBaltic to Gran Canaria

Route opening at Aalborg Airport - airBaltic

Yesterday, on December 3rd, we welcomed a new airline at Aalborg Airport as Latvian airBaltic had its first direct non-stop flight to the sunny Gran Canaria. The day was celebrated in the traditional manner with cake and coffee for the travelers, and the cutting of a green airBaltic ribbon for the occasion officially inaugurated the new route.

The first Sunday of Advent offered more than just Christmas cheer at Aalborg Airport, as the first excited travelers could look forward to swapping the Danish winter chill for sun, beach, and sangria on the popular holiday island, Gran Canaria. It marked airBaltic's first departure to the Canary Island, with two weekly departures scheduled until April 2024.

"We at airBaltic are glad to expand our offering in Denmark, showing a stronger presence and now connecting Aalborg and our seasonal base in Gran Canaria with direct flights. With this strategic expansion, we hope to serve the growing demand for sunny and leisure destinations, as well as to increase the connectivity airBaltic provides in Northern Europe, offering a wider range of travel opportunities for the local travellers." said Martin Grauss, President & CEO of airBaltic.

Eternal Spring on the Island of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is known for its abundance of sunshine and pleasant temperatures year-round. Whether you're seeking relaxation under swaying palms or adventure in enchanting landscapes, Gran Canaria has everything you need.

"The Canary Islands, especially Gran Canaria, are undoubtedly one of the favorite destinations for Danes when they want to exchange the cold Danish winter months for sun and warmth. The direct route with airBaltic, offering two weekly departures to Gran Canaria, is therefore an exciting travel option. Danes now have greater travel flexibility with the opportunity to enjoy an extended weekend or a longer stay on this lovely holiday island. They can either book flights and hotels themselves or arrange a complete trip through various travel agencies, which also utilize airBaltic's departures from Aalborg," said CEO at Aalborg Airport, Niels Hemmingsen.