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First Direct Non-stop Flight to Madeira

Credit: Aalborg Airport
Madeira Route Opening at AAL

This morning Aalborg Airport added yet another new direct non-stop route from Aalborg with Norwegian. This time the destination was the beautiful Portuguese island, Madeira, where the travel agencies NILLES Rejser and Best Travel also participated in the celebrations.

Snow and cold Danish weather set the perfect backdrop for the first direct departure to the sunny and warm Portuguese island of Madeira. For the occasion, there were coffee and cake for the travelers, as well as the traditional cutting of the red ribbon, overseen by CCO Martin Svendsen at Aalborg Airport.

CEO of Best Travel, Rune Thomassen, and CEO of NILLES Rejser, Miriam Bisgard Christiansen, were also present at the celebration of the new route, where a large portion of the travelers on the Norwegian flight to Madeira are guests of theirs.

Every Tuesday until April, they will be sending many eager guests off to the lush Atlantic island, which is a new destination that has been very well received by travelers from Northern Denmark.

"We had the pleasure of sending an almost full Norwegian flight off on the first trip to the holiday island of Madeira, where we have heard from NILLES Rejser and Best Travel, among others, that it is a very popular destination. Even before the first flight took off, they have therefore hinted that Madeira will also be on the route map from Aalborg Airport in 2025," says CCO Martin Svendsen.