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Bhubaneswar Airport

  • Country/Region: Flag of India India
  • PAX: 1,768,000

About The Airport

Bhubaneswar is the Capital city of the State of Orissa, one of the largest states in eastern India.  Bhubaneswar is also popularly known as the “Temple City of India; and, being the seat of Tribhubaneswar of ‘Lord Lingaraj”, the city is an important Hindu pilgrimage center.  Hundreds of temples dot the landscape of the Old Town, which once boasted of more than 7,000 temples.

Once the capital of ancient Kalinga, the city has a long history and is today a bustling center for commerce and religious activity.  Bhubaneswar became the modern capital of the state of Orissa in 1948, a year after India gained its independence.  The city is inhabited by over a million people and maintains a high rate of population growth.  As per 2001 Census, the population of Bhubaneswar is 648,032 and the decadal growth rate is 57%.