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Biarritz Pays Basque Airport

  • PAX: 1,039,000

About The Airport

Biarritz, a wave of creative energy

Situated in close proximity to Spain, on the Atlantic Coast, nestled against the Pyrenean Mountains – the Basque Country is THE destination for leisure and sporting activities. Enjoy a round of golf, surf, try a hand at Basque Pelota or take an off-road adventure and explore the area in four wheel drive (4WD). Refresh and relax in thalassotherapy centers. Immerse in the Basque culture, partaking in village festivals and savoring regional gastronomic delights. The Basque Country, with Spanish influence and rich cultural history, is synonymous with the French art of living. Indulge and experience a dream vacation in an idyllic setting! 

Ride the waves with us, you won’t regret!

  • 1,183 635 passengers  in 2018
  • Catchment area : 1million within an hour
  • Proximity with Spain (16% of our traffic comes from Spain)