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Kagoshima Airport

  • PAX: 5,192,000

About The Airport

Kagoshima Airport, a gateway to the sky in the south Kyushu region, is located at an altitude of 271.6m at the foot of the foot of the Kirishima mountain range in the center of Kagoshima prefecture.

It is an important hub airport offering various services with high convenience, which is playing a role to enhance both domestic and international airways as a node of the public transportation in the south Kyushu.

Kagoshima airport handled a total of 5.44 million passengers combining domestic and international travelers, making it the 9th busiest airport by passenger traffic in Japan.  

Kagoshima is the first airport to offer this natural hot spring footbath free of charge that allows anyone to have a taste of the hot springs experience. Oyattosa means “cheers for the good work ” in Kagoshima dialect.