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Entire Poland in the "yellow zone".

New COVID-19 restrictions in Poland.

After the quite normal and peaceful summer season now the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic is upon us. The restrictions introduced by the Polish government are not as severe as they were in spring. Borders are open, travelling is still possible, institutions and schools are working normally.

During the last weekend, it was announced that the entire territory of Poland is designated as “yellow” zone as of Saturday. So far, individual poviats (counties) have been included in the green, yellow or red zone. Since last Saturday restrictions typical for the yellow zone are valid in the whole country.

Within yellow zones, covering the mouth and nose outdoors is obligatory in public space, as well as in most indoor environments nationwide, with the exception of parks, forests and beaches.

Only one customer is allowed per 4 m2 in the country's restaurants and bars and dancing is banned in such establishments as a safe distance between customers must be maintained. Therefore there is a ban on running discotheques, nightclubs and indoor dancing spots.

Capacity at cultural events in closed spaces is capped at 50 % of the available number of seats in the yellow zone, while in open spaces it is limited to 100 people, with a minimum distance between viewers of 1.5 m. Trade fairs and congresses are allowed with an attendance cap at 50 %.

The most rigorous sanitary restrictions are obligatory in areas designated 'red' zones, where trade fairs, congresses and cultural events are banned. Currently, there is 32 poviats (counties) and six smaller cities that are on the list of 'red' zones.