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Lodz Airport: The Festival Of Light is back in town!

On September 23-25, Łódź will be lit with colorful projections and illuminations, and the streets will be filled with the sounds of music.

The festival of light in Łódź is an unusual, cyclical event, the main purpose of which is to promote cultural and creative potential— showing in a completely different, unique way valuable corners, spaces, and buildings of the city at night.

Light move Festival combines the historical identity of Łódź with elements of visual art and multimedia. These are motion and dynamic, light, projection, animation, kinetic art, sound, color, sculptures, and light installations.

During the festival of light, Łódź's streets, and nooks are transformed into open art galleries. The conscious, artistic use of light emphasizes the individuality and attractiveness of Łódź while making it a unique point on the map of Europe.

This year's festival of light will take place on the weekend of 23-25 September and will traditionally enchant city streets, parks, and squares. This is a great time to visit Łódź and feel the spirit of the city.