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Oman Airports - Nizwa: A Destination to Remember…

Nizwa: A Destination to Remember…

From its ancient architecture, markets, art, music and jewelry, Nizwa is an amazing city to visit and explore as well as gain an understanding of the rich and varied history of the wonderful Omani culture.

Nizwa, is one of the oldest cities in Oman and is the largest city in the al Dakhiliyah region of the country. Located about an hour and half drive from Muscat (140km), the city is one of the most beautiful destinations in Oman and is recognized as most representative of Omani heritage.

Being at the crossroads of trade routes from the center of Oman to the coast, it was once the focal point for trade, education and art, the capital of Oman as well as the center for Islamic learning.  As such both the Fort and the Souq are the must-see attractions in Nizwa, with the Souq in particular still a focal point for visitors and vendors from across the region retaining its bustling atmosphere and vast array of produce from meat and spices to precious metals and locally crafted goods.

Nizwa is also the perfect base to explore the surrounding areas such as the date plantations, historic buildings and traditional Falaj irrigation system of Birkat-al-mouz, or venture into the Al-Hajar mountains and take-on the mammoth Jabel Al-Akhdar, which at 2,980m high is famous for its labyrinths of wadis and terraced orchards.

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