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Transavia France announced the first fourteen 14 destinations from Montpellier and opened ticket sales

Transavia France, the low-cost carrier (LCC) subsidiary of the Air France – KLM group, unveiled its first 14 destinations out of Montpellier. As of the 3rd of April 2020, Transavia will be the only LCC with airplanes based in Montpellier. Its ambition is to develop a high-quality, low-cost product and to offer a large range of exclusive destinations.

As of the 3rd of April 2020, Transavia’s 2 airplanes based at Montpellier airport will propose flights to 14 new destinations, including 13 exclusive ones:
- Portugal
o Lisbon: 3 weekly flights, from 39€*, 5 April 2020
o Faro: 2 weekly flights, from 34€*, 4 April 2020

- Spain :
o Madrid: 3 weekly flights, from 34€*, 5 April 2020
o Seville: 2 weekly flights, from 39€*, 5 April 2020
o Palma: 2 weekly flights, from 29€*, 5 April 2020

- Greece :
o Athens: 2 weekly flights, from 60€*, 4 April 2020
o Heraklion (Crete): 2 weekly flights, from 70€, 3 April 2020

- Italy :
o Rome: 2 weekly flights, from 29€*, 5 April 2020
o Palermo: 2 weekly flights, from 34€*, 3 April 2020

- Morocco :
o Marrakech: 2 weekly flights, from 54€*, 13 June 2020
o Agadir: 2 weekly flights, from 44€*, 20 June 2020
o Oujda: 2 weekly flights, from 44€*, 27 June 2020

- Tunisia :
o Tunis: 3 weekly flights, from 54€*, 5 April 2020
o Djerba: 2 weekly flights, from 54€*, 13 June 2020

These destinations come in addition to the existing Montpellier – Rotterdam route operated by Transavia Netherlands.
Transavia aims to carry 500,000 passengers for its first year of operations.

The first destinations were chosen based on discussions with Montpellier airport and the already-existing solid knowledge of these destinations by Transavia.

These destinations all boast a very strong tourist potential and, for some, already have very important ties with people living in Montpellier and the region.

Transavia also wants to contribute to the development of the attractiveness of the Montpellier region by alluring more foreign travellers with its low-cost offers.

Nathalie Stubler, C.E.O. of Transavia France said: “We were impressed by the warm welcome we received when we announced the opening of the Montpellier base. We were eager to unveil these first destinations from Montpellier. The program we’re presenting will enable us to meet a very strong demand from locals looking for low-cost offers from Montpellier airport while simultaneously contributing to the attractiveness of the region by welcoming new tourists. The final countdown has begun! In 4 months, the first Transavia flight will take off from Montpellier airport.”

Emmanuel Brehmer, Chairman of the Executive Board of Montpellier Airport, said:
“It’s of course an important day for Montpellier Méditerranée Airport but also for the urban area of Montpellier, the eastern part of the Occitanie region and the western part of the Provence region. As of the Spring 2020, there will be 14 new destinations, almost all of them exclusive. For a long time now, the citizens of Montpellier along with its associations, businesses and institutions have massively requested, if not demanded many of these destinations. We are truly happy to finally fulfil their expectations. Beyond this, even if these routes are primarily targeting local travellers, they will also attract a considerable number of additional tourists who will come to discover our stunning region. The large expansion for our airport (this “blue-white-green” revolution) was made possible thanks to the constructive discussions we had with Transavia teams. We are truly honoured by the trust Nathalie Stubler - C.E.O of Transavia - placed in Montpellier. Thanks to this new offer, we can now say to the inhabitants of our region: Start travelling from Montpellier!”

Transavia: Vincent Dujardin / (+33) 7 86 91 65 59 /
Montpellier Méditerranée Airport: Sylvain Jambon / (+33) 6 14 89 19 76