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Tirana International Airport

  • PAX: 5,200,000

About The Airport

Tirana International Airport is Albania's only international airport and thus plays an important role for the country situated at the Peninsula of Balkan. It serves among others the exchange of the Albanians and their worldwide community. The mission of Tirana International Airport(TIA) is to provide Albania with a prestigious international aviation facility offering efficient, safe and first-class service for passengers and airlines. With more than 15 airlines flying to more than 60 destinations and serving 5.2 million habitants, Tirana International Airport is the Albania's gateway to the world.

Albania is an appealing holiday destination: the South -eastern European country with its Mediterranean climate and hot dry summers is slowly developing into a great place for a time-out. Especially the 450 kilometers of Adriatic and Jonic shore with numerous beaches is an attractive part for tourism and sports, but also the mountains and national parks welcome guests. In the future, the country will become more and more popular for visitors from neighboring countries and all over the world. So Welcome talking about new routes!