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Vladivostok International Airport

  • Country/Region: Flag of Russian Federation Russian Federation
  • Telephone: +7(423)230-69-99
  • Website: www.vvo.aero
  • PAX: 3,080,000

About The Airport

Vladivostok International Airport (VVO) is the main international gateway to Eastern Russia. It is No. 1 in terms of international passenger traffic in the Far East and Eastern Siberia region.

VVO registered 3 million passengers in 2019, representing a 17% growth year-on-year; international traffic grew by 26%, attributing to surging passenger traffic from South Korea, China and Japan. Vladivostok has become significantly more popular among foreign tourists as the closest European style city. Vladivostok is located within 3-hour flying range from almost all major cities in Northeast Asia with aggregate population of 550 million.

The route network of Vladivostok International Airport has been expanded significantly during the last 3 years and nowadays includes 52 routes (by Summer20 schedules filed in Jan 2020).

The current passenger terminal commenced operation in 2012. It accommodates domestic and international flights under one roof with 24/7 operation. Handling capacity of the terminal is up to 1360 passengers per hour and 5 million passengers per year.