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Larnaka Airport hosts an anniversary exhibition

Hermes Airports hosts an anniversary exhibition at Larnaka Airport on the occasion of the 50 years since the establishment of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation. Ten displays have been placed at the Departures Area of Larnaka Airport, exhibiting the valuable material by THOC, to the thousands of passengers travelling daily through the airport. The art exhibition includes theatrical costume props, reviews and play posters, 3D models for set designs and other props, which are an integral part of the history of Cyprus theatre.  

The curators Elena Kotasvili and Alexis Vagianos gathered material from the archive of THOC for the creation of this exhibition, with a focus on the unseen aspect of theatre. At the same time, they emphasize on the preparation process of a theatre production, for which an array of objects lead to artistic creativity.

Maria Kouroupi, Senior Manager of Aviation Development and Communication of Hermes Airports, said “At Hermes Airports we always support culture through our Sense of Place project, with the aim to highlight elements that can be found on the island, through installations placed at the airports. In our opinion, exhibiting art in public spaces is the most immediate way for art to be enjoyed by everyone. Especially at the “gateway” of a country, the airport, cultural creativity is not decorative, on the contrary, it states our identity. This is what is achieved through the exhibition by THOC, as an unseen and important work is exhibited to the public, by the artists of our country’s theatre”.