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Air Traffic in Cyprus will Exceed 9 Million Passengers

Air traffic in Cyprus will exceed 9 million passengers this year, despite the disruption in travel due to the war in Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions impost by the west against Russia.

At Hermes Airports, the operator of Cyprus’ two international airports, we have been on a growth trajectory since the beginning of the year, despite the disruption which emerged, such as the invasion of Ukraine and the ensuring sanctions imposed (on Russia) by the EU member-states. During the summer period, traffic in Cyprus's two airports exceeded 1 million per month, and this growth trajectory is expected to continue until the end of the year.

At Hermes, we estimate that traffic will exceed 9 million passengers in both airports by the end of the year and this is not a result of coincidence. We have developed a framework of actions and incentives to attract air carriers while we were in constant contact with airliners.

The strengthening of Cyprus’ attractiveness as a tourist destination and the increased air connectivity have decisively contributed to shaping this growth course and constitute our strategic targets for the implementation of which we are collaborating closely with tourist stakeholders.