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Torino Airport App and new e-commerce platform

An increasingly digital airport to improve the passenger experience The new free App is now available with exclusive offers and discounts on all products Facebook with the customer care service and Instagram new social communication channels

The new App Torino Airport is now available for free on Google Play and Apple Store, as well as the renewed Turin Airport e-commerce portal is now online.

Another step towards the digital transformation, which aims to improve the passenger journey, making the travelers' relationship with the airport easier, more personalized and more interactive. There are many features of the App, available in Italian and English, both for iOS and Android.

The new App allows customers to live a totally paperless travel experience, giving the possibility to buy and store on the personal profile the digital tickets of Torino Airport services: parking, Fast track, Piemonte Lounge, all available on the App with great discounts (from 10% up to 50%).

Thanks to the real time tracking service of the flight, the App constantly update,s through notifications, the status of the flight, up to the time of boarding. With real-time information on their smartphone, passengers can manage their stay at the airport without any anxiety and take advantage of the many coupons and offers for purchases in shops and restaurants.

The passenger also has at his disposal three highly innovative functions:
• "From home to the gate" estimates the time to get from home to the boarding gate, including waiting times at security checks thanks to an intelligent monitoring and queue management system;
• With the "Order & Pick up" function it is possible to shop via App and withdraw the products in the special locker located in the Baggage reclaim area when landing at the Airport. An excellent solution to solve dinner or breakfast on the way back from a business trip or vacation, or to enjoy a special beer or a Piedmontese wine even late in the evening;
• Through the "Shop & Collect" function, the App allows the passenger to go shopping in the Boarding Room before leaving, travel light and collect their purchases, via QR
code, once they return to Turin, always in the lockers located in the baggage claim area.

Thanks to the joint work in co-design sessions, and listening through interviews to the needs of passengers and those who work to satisfy their requests every day, these ideas were born, they were prototyped and today they become services available to all.

Torino Airport focuses on listening to passengers also thanks to the official Facebook profile @AeroportoDiTorino with the new social customer care service.

Latest news, the Instagram profile @Torino_Airport, to bring the airport closer and closer to its reference community and the many fans of the airport's activities.

It is also thanks to these channels and suggestions that passengers are willing to send that it will be possible to continue to innovate and develop reception and caring activities, both physical and digital.