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Taking back operational control of our car parks: Brussels South Charleroi Airport becomes its own car park operator

Charleroi, 6 February 2019 – On Friday 1 February, Brussels South Charleroi Airport began the process of taking back operational control of all of its car parks. The airport’s parking facilities currently include 7,860 spaces, divided into six car parks on the airport site. As well as taking back operational control of its vehicle parking services, Brussels South Charleroi Airport plans to become a key player in the passenger’s travelling experience.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport becomes the sole operator of the six car parks on its site. Up until now, they were run by subcontractors, but the technical and commercial management of its car parks allows the airport to bring its users closer to its car parks, offering them a privileged relationship, combining beneficial prices and quality services.


Six parking areas are run by Brussels South Charleroi Airport, offering users a wide range of services to choose from, with something to suit every budget. The goal is to guarantee a quality service, regardless of the option chosen by the customer.


Express Car Park

Right next to the terminal

Lock Park Car Park

2-minute walk from the terminal

P1 Car Park

5-minute walk from the terminal

P2 Car Park

10-minute walk from the terminal

P3 Car Park

Shuttle busses every 20 minutes connecting the car park to the terminal

Car park P4 – Foot & Fly

20-minute walk from the terminal


As well as the proximity to the terminals, using the airport’s official car parks guarantees security for users’ vehicles. For the airport, taking over the car parks represents an opportunity to manage the whole passenger experience, as access to parking is a vital part of a traveller’s journey. Booking is still available on the airport’s website –


Keen to pursue its digital development, Brussels South Charleroi Airport will soon be introducing new digital tools so parking spaces can be booked in no time at all. With these tools, future car park users will be able to benefit from the best prices offered by the airport. New services will also be coming soon, thanks to the strategic partnership signed with Telenet last October. A smart, connected parking system will be here in summer 2019, offering multiple digital solutions, including number plate recognition at entrances to open the barriers. 


Patrick LAMBRECHTS, acting CEO of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, announces: “The airport is now the independent, autonomous manager of its car parks. This autonomy means we are the first point of contact with travellers. This is a new chapter in our commitment to supporting passengers, and it fits in with our desire to put their needs right at the heart of our priorities. Our development in the digital age means that, in the not so distant future, we will be able to offer a whole host of new opportunities for users of our airport”.