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Increase in passenger numbers in January 2020: 584,236 travellers passed through Brussels South Charleroi Airport (+5%)

Charleroi, 17 February 2020 – Brussels South Charleroi Airport once again recorded a rise in passenger traffic in January 2020. This year, 584,236 travellers crossed the tarmac at BSCA, so a 5% increase compared with the results for January 2019. The number of commercial aircraft movements saw a slight rise of 1%, both for departures and arrivals. Occupancy rates experienced a 2 points increase.

Compared with January 2019, the results recorded are on the up for Brussels South Charleroi Airport. 279,800 passengers took off from Brussels-Charleroi airport, so a 6% increase. Results were the same for arrivals: 304,436 passengers came through BSCA, representing a 5% increase for return flights.


During the first month of the year, Italy was the most popular destination from/to Brussels South Charleroi Airport. It was followed by Spain, France, Morocco and lastly Romania.


Philippe VERDONCK, Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, explains: « Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s year has got off to a good start. With a 5% increase in traffic, we can only thank our passengers for the trust they put in us. In addition, the hard work done by our teams on the ground helps tens of thousands of travellers enjoy comfortable journeys every day in optimum security conditions. Each individual is a vital link in our operational chain and it is important to highlight the excellent quality of the work that they do. »