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Resumption of commercial flights at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

The airport will be reopening to travellers on 15 June 2020

Charleroi, 20 May 2020 – Brussels South Charleroi Airport announces the resumption of its commercial activities as of 15 June 2020. In accordance with health recommendations and according to new flying advice provided by airlines, a number of measures have been introduced to guarantee the safety of the airport’s staff and users. 

In order to establish the best conditions for this resumption, it is a good idea to think about the different stages of your journey in advance, from your home to the aeroplane. This will mean that once you are at the airport, you will be able to limit contact and respect social distancing as much as possible.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport would therefore like to remind travellers and their companions about the measures in place and to offer some advice about how to prepare.

At the airport:

From 15 June 2020, it will be compulsory to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose within the airport.

Passengers can be accompanied, as long as their companions apply the health measures.

Everybody will need to keep a safe distance between themselves and others within the terminal. A huge awareness-raising campaign will also be rolled out throughout the airport in order to raise awareness about the best practices to adopt.

It is possible to drop someone off or pick them up. Payments by card are recommended. Travellers should be aware that the P3 Car park will not be available when flights resume.

Before entering the Brussels South Charleroi Airport terminal, an initial check will be carried out in the airport’s safety filter area (the pre-screening tent). From this point, masks must be worn. Anybody who wants to enter the building will have their temperature checked by a member of the Belgian Red Cross. Anybody with a fever and signs of a potential infection will be examined by the medical team and invited to go to a doctor.

Alcohol sanitiser dispensers will be available to passengers and other users of the airport when they enter the site and at different strategic locations within the facilities.

The check-in procedure remains unchanged. Some airlines have made online check-in compulsory in their transport policies. Others let you choose whether to check in online or at the airport. In the current circumstances, online check-in is preferable. Where possible, travellers are asked to check in at home and come to the airport with their boarding pass as a printout or on their telephone. Luggage is then checked in at the different check-in counters, on presentation of the boarding pass and a valid, current form of ID. The check-in terms and conditions can be found on the airlines’ websites.

Boarding and once on the aeroplane:

Social distancing will also apply at the boarding gates. Floor markings will show the distances that must be respected. All travellers will also be asked not to rush to the boarding gate when it opens, but to wait in order to keep a safe distance between passengers.

Once on-board, each airline will apply a series of health measures. Details of these are available on their website. Travellers are therefore invited to familiarise themselves with them before leaving.

Flight arrivals:

It is possible to come and pick someone up. Access to the terminal is permitted, as long as the health measures are respected.

Travellers must wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose from the moment they get off the aeroplane until they leave the terminal. It is in everybody’s best interests to make sure they maintain a safe distance between each other, including in particular at the baggage carousel.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport will encourage everybody to apply these provisions and make sure that health measures are respected.