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Reduced passenger numbers at Brussels South Charleroi Airport in September 2020

The airport ran at 26% capacity

During September 2020, Brussels South Charleroi Airport ran at 26% of its capacity compared with the same period in 2019. The airport welcomed 189,377 passengers compared with 737,428 last year. The number of commercial flights also fell, seeing a 54% reduction. 2,025 aircraft movements were recorded in September 2020.

The aviation industry is experiencing an unprecedented situation that is affecting Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s activities. The airport has recorded another fall in its passenger numbers. It saw visitor traffic fall by 74% in September 2020. 189,377 travellers were recorded, with 85,511 (45%) departures and 103,866 (55%) arrivals.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport has also recorded a 54% reduction in commercial flights. Brussels-Charleroi airport handled 2,025 flights in September this year, compared with 4,396 commercial flights in 2019.

Southern Europe attracted almost 65% of travellers in September. Italy was still the most popular destination, followed by France, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

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