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Reduced passenger numbers at Brussels South Charleroi Airport in October 2020

The airport ran at 21% capacity compared with October 2019

Charleroi, 9 November 2020 – Brussels South Charleroi Airport welcomed 154,045 passengers during the month of October 2020. This represents 21% of passenger traffic compared with October 2019. Last year during the same period, the airport reported 729,859 passengers. The number of commercial flights also fell. 1,623 flights were recorded during the course of the month.

The current health crisis is hitting the whole aviation sector hard. In addition, travel restrictions are spreading throughout Europe, combined with different measures being introduced. This is not without consequences for air travel, both in Belgium and internationally.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport is currently recording a fall in passenger numbers. Airport traffic plummeted by 79% in October 2020. 154,045 travellers passed through BSCA, with 75,107 (49%) departures and 78,938 (51%) arrivals.

The total number of commercial flights fell by 63% compared with October 2019. The figure was 1,623, compared with 4,375 during the same period last year.

Southern Europe attracted almost 68% of travellers from the airport in October. Italy was still the most popular destination, followed by Spain, France, Portugal and Greece.

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