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Brussels South Charleroi Airport opens a document checking area

Charleroi, 18 June 2021 - From 21 June, Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s new travel document checking area will be up and running. Located at the entrance to the airport facilities, it is designed to save time at the check-in desks and boarding gates. Once inside the terminal, the traveller’s journey will be more straightforward. This measure is also designed to avoid congestion within the terminal, ensure a smooth journey through the airport for passengers and guarantee compliance with health measures.

At the moment, different documents are required when travelling. While there are plans to standardise measures throughout Europe, Brussels South Charleroi Airport is keen to reduce congestion at document checking points. The airport is therefore preparing for the arrival of more people who will be going on holiday.

From 21 June 2021, only passengers will be allowed inside the terminal. Before entering the terminal, they will go through a document checking area. They will be asked to present their travel documents: boarding pass(es) or booking document(s), as well as their ID document(s). To prepare for your trip, you need to be aware of the measures in place in your destination country. The health documents required to enter the country you are visiting will now also be checked here: negative PCR test, confirmation of your vaccination, PLF for the destination country if applicable, etc. Once their documents have been checked, travellers will be invited to enter the terminal and follow the usual check-in, security and boarding procedures.

Only passengers with limited mobility can bring a companion with them to the check-in desk or the designated meeting point inside the terminal.

Philippe VERDONCK, Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, explains: “While we are expecting a daily average of 140 flights, 70 of which will be departures, we need to prepare for a significant number of travellers. It is important that the health measures in force are respected. Only allowing travellers to enter the terminal at this busy time will help us limit numbers and so ensure social distancing.

For all departures during the summer period, we recommend arriving at the airport two hours before the scheduled departure time for flights to destinations inside the Schengen area. For non-Schengen destinations, it is a good idea to make sure you are at the airport three hours before your departure.

To help you prepare for your trip and to find out about entry requirements for your destination country, the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website is a valuable source of information - 

If you have any questions about safety measures, how we are dealing with travellers and to prepare for your airport experience, Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s website is updated on a regular basis. It is available at 

The airport’s comprehensive COVID-19 plan is also available via the link