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Memmingen Airport - Munich Metropolitan Area

  • PAX: 883,000

About The Airport

Memmingen Airport is located in Southern Germany, just 60 minutes by car west of Munich, Germany's third largest city, & 80 minutes south of the automotive capital, Stuttgart. Its location in between the two main airports is an advantage for commercial airlines which can profit from both metropolitan regions. Overall a total of 11.3 million people can reach the airport in 2 hours using ground transportation. The Airport is directly located at the motorway intersection A7/A96.The easy & fast access is also given for the close borders to Austria, Switzerland & Lichtenstein. An express road & rail network guarantees fast journey to & from the Airport Memmingen. The Allgäu Airport Express Bus offers direct connection to the central railway station in Munich. Memmingen Airport is a modern, fit for purpose, low cost airport that has considerably lower direct costs than those levied by the major airports surrounding. But reduce costs do not mean reduced efficiency. Airport Memmingen has established first-class handling. With 1.991.654 passengers in 2022 Memmingen Airport surpassed the number of passengers in 2019 (1.772.764) & shows the huge potential of its region.