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Control Tower of the Punta Cana International Airport become an artwork.

The mural made by the German artist "MadC" is the first airport control tower in Latin America to be converted into artwork.

Grupo Puntacana inaugurated the mural made by the international artist from Germany 'MadC', in the control tower of the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ). The project, carried out in partnership with L2 Studio, is the first airport control tower in Latin America turned into a public work of art.

This innovative initiative is an exclusive design for the Punta Cana International Airport, conceptualized by the artist on the building of ten levels. The work turns the control tower into a point of reference, highlighting the cosmopolitan nature of tourism in the area, embellishing with colors and significant shapes the welcome of millions of tourists and travelers who arrive on Dominican soil through the busiest airport air in the country.

Renowned ‘MadC’ artist was born in Germany as Claudia Walde. She has been focused on street art and graffiti for more than 22 years. She has done dozens of public artworks internationally, including commissioned projects in Abu Dhabi, Germany, the United States, Colombia, France, Denmark, Finland, and England. She is considered one of the most outstanding muralists in the world.

The proposal is part of the portfolio of initiatives developed to promote art and culture in Punta Cana, where previously Dominican artists such as Evaristo Angurria, Patricio Correa, and Rafael de Los Santos "Pote Leche" have participated in projects such as the exhibition of urban muralism The Wallz.

"After a year and a half of great challenges for our industry, we are proud to celebrate the recovery of Dominican tourism with a brilliant work of art that marks our spirit of optimism and openness to the world," said Frank Elías Rainieri, president and CEO of Puntacana Group.

"We have a long tradition of welcoming visitors from Germany, we are happy to honor that relationship with MadC's collaboration at the airport," added Rainieri.

"The idea of ​​painting the control tower started as a joke. I never really thought it was possible. I can't stop smiling thinking about the first day we walked into the airport with all the paint and materials and seeing it finished today. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity and for the people who made this possible. It will be in my memories for a lifetime and a memory that I will be able to visit every time I return to the Dominican Republic, "said MadC.

The production and curation of the project were in charge of Luicho Delgado and Luisito Nazario, representatives of L2 Studio, both with more than 15 years of experience creating local and international art projects, to always promote avant-garde cultural proposals and global quality. for the country, as well as for the insertion of emerging Dominican and regional art abroad. This is the beginning of a series of murals that MadC and L2 Studio plan to carry out in the Dominican Republic.

The development of the project had the support of the companies Avis and Andamios Del Este.