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Punta Cana Intl. Airport Achieves Triple Sustainability Milestone

With great joy and enthusiasm, we share news that marks a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability. We are pleased to announce the successful implementation of the ISO 14064-1:2018 standard, allowing for a detailed inventory of Greenhouse Gas emissions at Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ). This step is crucial in our strategy to mitigate the effects of climate change and contribute to the sector's goal of reducing emissions.

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that PUJ has obtained the Carbon Footprint Accreditation from ACI Airports Carbon Accreditation (ACA) Level 2, highlighting our specific efforts in emission reduction. This ACI program recognizes and supports airport commitments in the fight against climate change.

This achievement not only positively impacts the airport's environmental management but also underscores the measures taken to reduce emissions and emphasizes our efforts to be an energy-efficient airport, aligning our operations with a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Punta Cana International Airport takes pride in being the first national airport to achieve triple certification (ISO 9001, 14001, and 14064-1) and simultaneously obtaining the prestigious ACA accreditation. This accomplishment reflects our steadfast commitment to excellence, sustainability, and environmental impact mitigation. We will continue progressing towards a greener and more sustainable future.