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Meetings are an important part of our events, where conversations can turn into new route services across the globe. We have answered your questions to ensure you maximise these meeting opportunities.


How do I request meetings and view my diary?

If you are registered as a meetings delegate, you can request pre-scheduled meetings from 2 to 3 months before the event for airline, airport, tourism authority and economic development organisation delegates. Routes 360 members can request meetings a week earlier. For supplier delegates, the meeting request system will open a week before the event. For more information, head to the event homepage, then to Meetings under What's On in the event menu.

You can access your Meeting Diary via the Meeting System and the Routes App close to the event.

How does Fast Track work?

Available at Routes Asia, Americas and Europe, Fast Track provides additional opportunities to meet with airlines, allowing you to have quick 5-minute introductions with key targets you may not have met with. Fast Track is open to all delegates and there is no need to register, simply locate the airline's table and head over for a quick introduction.

Tips for a successful meeting
  1.  Keep presentations short and to the point… less is more!
  2. Meetings are more than presenting information, they are about building relationships.
  3. Understand an airline's network, fleet, business model, alliance relationships and strategy.
  4. Present content that is visually appealing and easy to digest.
Can I sponsor the Meeting System at a Routes event?

Yes, you can, please contact your account manager or email here to enquire.

For questions regarding the Meeting System or your Meeting Requests at an event, please contact our Scheduling Team.

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