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ASM Instrumental in developing a brand new airport in Poland

Manchester, May 2009

Manchester-based ASM, the world leader in route development for airports, has announced that it has been appointed for a 3-year period as marketing and route development advisor at a new airport in Lublin, S.E Poland, the cultural and administrative capital of the Lubelskie region. ASM is working with Lublin after the city was offered a unique chance to develop its own facility, which is vital for its future economic development.

Gordon Bevan, Principal Consultant at ASM commented: "The lack of convenient air connections between Lublin and the rest of Poland has long been regarded as a basic impediment to local development and a barrier to realising the region's potential in tourism, new technologies and processing industry. We were initially engaged to provide market assessment of the scope and scale of a new airport, and it is most satisfying that we are now carrying forward this exciting opportunity."

ASM completed the report which helped secure the necessary financing for the project being appointed to market and secure new routes.

Gordon continued: "We will work hard to ensure that the new airport, when opened, will have in place air services to the target destinations and provide Lublin and the region with much needed air access."

The Lubelskie is the easternmost region of Poland and of the European Union. It borders with Ukraine in the south east and Belarus in the north east and is close to Russia and her enormous potential.