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Improve the outcome of your meetings at Routes events

Routes events are much-anticipated dates in the calendar, with delegates aiming to forge meaningful business connections and evolve route development conversations. Alongside event attendance, Routes 360 members can utilise a wealth of valuable features and information, supporting their air network strategies and enhancing meeting effectiveness at a Routes event.  

1. Early access to Meeting Request System 

Routes 360 members can request airline meetings for Routes events one week earlier than other attending airports and destinations, being the first to secure those all-important slots in targets diaries. Whilst Routes events have the highest meeting fulfilment rate of any route development event, Routes 360 members can go one step further to heighten their chances of presenting route proposals to their target airlines. Read more.  

2. Sending bespoke email campaigns  

What if you could guarantee your marketing communications landed with your target airlines? Our data includes over 1,000 airline representative contacts, with the ability to segment based on Routes event attendance, region/country, and organisation type. Routes 360 members can promote their Routes event attendance and send a follow-up message to the connections they made.  

Every campaign sent receives a detailed report on performance, including which organisations have interacted with the email. How it works

3. Accessing privileged airline information and contacts  

There are over 270 carrier profiles on Routes 360, with many containing valuable insight such as gated contacts, team structure, and what information they want to hear from airports/tourism authorities during route proposals. Information sourcing works both ways on the platform, with 85% of airline users finding Routes 360 profiles valuable to their network planning strategy. Discover more

In addition to the above, Routes 360 members have multiple promotional opportunities and heightened exposure within the industry through features such as route opportunities, unlimited news articles, and exclusive editorial features.  

Ready to elevate your route development strategy? If you see potential in leveraging any of these features for your success, book a Routes 360 demo today.