Routes News Magazine

Produced by TTG Media on behalf of UBM, Routes News is the official, bi-monthly magazine of World Routes and the regional Routes events

Routes News provides interviews, analysis and insight for airlines, airports and tourism authorities involved in route development decision-making. Serving the route development community for 13 years, the magazine continues to expand its presence in this ever-changing market, connecting all sides of the industry in the same way as the Routes events.

Edition 2, 2017

Belfast prepares to host Routes Europe 2017 for the first time

RN2 2017 resized

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Edition 1, 2017

How changing legislation could soon boost Canada’s fortunes

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Edition 7, 2016

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport blossoms at World Routes 2016

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Edition 6, 2016

Why all eyes are on China as the land of opportunity 

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Edition 5, 2016

After the UK’s vote to abandon the EU, we explore what Brexit means for Europe

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Edition 4, 2016

Ethiopian Airlines’ CEO explains his 10-year plan to make it Africa’s leading aviation group

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Edition 3, 2016

What do the Iran's new global freedoms mean for the aviation industry?

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Edition 2, 2016

The Philippines opens up, plus Cebu Pacific’s global vision

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Edition 1, 2016

Air Canada’s Klaus Goersch looks to a brighter future

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