flyBe Adds Additional 5 UK/Ireland Routes in S12

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flyBe in Summer 2012 season is starting 5 additional routes within the UK and Ireland.

Routes and schedules as follows:

Birmingham – Waterford Daily eff 25MAR12
BE755 BHX1355 – 1515WAT DH4 6
BE755 BHX1440 – 1600WAT DH4 x67
BE755 BHX1455 – 1615WAT DH4 7

BE756 WAT1540 – 1655BHX DH4 6
BE756 WAT1625 – 1740BHX DH4 x67
BE756 WAT1640 – 1755BHX DH4 7

Leeds/Bradford – Knock 3 weekly eff 25MAR12
BE398 LBA1335 – 1500NOC DH4 24
BE398 LBA1805 – 1930NOC DH4 7

BE397 NOC1130 – 1255LBA DH4 24
BE397 NOC1600 – 1725LBA DH4 7

Newcastle – Bergen 3 weekly eff 25MAR12
BE113 NCL1030 – 1315BGO DH4 246
BE114 BGO1340 – 1425NCL DH4 246

Newquay – Belfast City Saturday-only service from 05MAY12 to 22SEP12
BE742 NQY1705 – 1825BHD DH4 6
BE741 BHD1520 – 1640NQY DH4 6

Newquay – Newcastle Saturday-only service from 05MAY12 to 22SEP12
BE655 NQY1205 – 1330NCL DH4 6
BE656 NCL1410 – 1535NQY DH4 6

Leeds Bradford to Knock
Flights operate three times a week on Tues/Thurs/Sun starting March 25th

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