THAI Smile Update 2: Flight Number Changes

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As per 24FEB12 Sabre timetable listing, THAI designated new flight number range for its new regional carrier THAI Smile. THAI Smile’s flight number range is TG700 – 799 series. (Bangkok – Seoul Incheon – Los Angeles service will move to TG692/693 as a result, starting 01MAY12).

This website on 02FEB12 first reported the carrier’s planned operation from 01JUL12.

Note reservation remains not available to general public at this time.

Bangkok – Chiang Mai TG106/107 TG710/711
Bangkok – Gaya – Varanasi – Bangkok TG327/328 TG775/776
Bangkok – Jakarta TG435/436 TG761/762
Bangkok – Kolkata TG313/314 TG771/772
Bangkok – Macau TG604/605 TG616/617 TG750/751 TG752/753
Bangkok – Phnom Penh TG580/581 TG584/585 TG780/781 TG784/785
Bangkok – Surat Thani TG253/254 TG257/258 TG731/732 TG735/736
Phuket – Chiang Mai TG129/214 TG721/722