Cal Jet Air to Launch Operation on US – Mexico Service from Jan 2013

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New US start-up holiday carrier Cal Jet Air is set to launch operation after New Year 2013, as it announced service launch to Mazatlan in Mexico, from 5 US cities starting 09JAN13.

Planned operational routes and schedule, according to its website, as follows.

Denver – Mazatlan eff 10JAN13
XA464 DEN1850 – 2145MZT 734 47
XA465 MZT1500 – 1750DEN 734 47

Houston – Mazatlan eff 11JAN13
XA520 IAH1215 – 1315MZT 734 15
XA521 MZT0800 – 1100IAH 734 15

Los Angeles – Mazatlan eff 10JAN13
XA454 LAX1100 – 1415MZT 734 47
XA455 MZT0800 – 0930LAX 734 47

Oakland – Mazatlan eff 11JAN13
XA554 OAK1845 – 2245MZT 734 15
XA555 MZT1500 – 1715OAK 734 15

San Antonio – Mazatlan eff 09JAN13
XA310 SAT1700 – 1850MZT 734 3
XA311 MZT0900 – 1100SAT 734 2

The airline’s service will be operated by Xtra Airways’ Boeing 737-400 aircraft in 12 First Class and 138 Economy Class seats.

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