CSA Czech Airlines Adds 5 European Routes in S13

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CSA Czech Airlines in Summer 2013 will introduce 5 European routes, which 2 of them are service resumptions. Planned routes and schedule as follows.

Prague – Florence eff 31MAR13 NEW 4 weekly service with Saab 2000
OK716 PRG1820 – 2000FLR S20 x247
OK717 FLR1240 – 1420PRG S20 x247

Prague – Munich eff 01JUN13 Service resumes with 2 daily flights
OK554 PRG0755 – 0900MUC AT7 24
OK550 PRG1425 – 1530MUC AT7 x24
OK552 PRG1800 – 1905MUC AT7 D

OK555 MUC0935 – 1045PRG AT7 24
OK551 MUC1600 – 1710PRG AT7 x24
OK553 MUC2030 – 2140PRG AT7 D

OK last operated MUC service on 29OCT10

Prague – Nice eff 31MAR13 NEW service, initially operates 4 weekly, and increases to 8 from June 2013
OK744 PRG0700 – 0855NCE 32S 46
OK746 PRG1740 – 1935NCE EQV 17

OK745 NCE0940 – 1125PRG 32S 46
OK747 NCE2020 – 2205PRG EQV 17

From 01JUN13, service increases to 8 weekly with following schedule:
OK744 PRG1220 – 1415NCE 319 x234
OK746 PRG1740 – 1935NCE 319 x146

OK745 NCE1500 – 1645PRG 319 x234
OK747 NCE2020 – 2205PRG 319 x146

Prague – Perm eff 31MAR13 NEW 2 weekly service
OK256 PRG1945 – 0350+1PEE 32S 4
OK256 PRG2345 – 0750+1PEE 32S 7

OK257 PEE0555 – 0620PRG 32S 5
OK257 PEE0905 – 0930PRG 32S 1

From 02JUN13, service operates as
OK256 PRG2345 – 0750+1PEE 32S 47
OK257 PEE0905 – 0930PRG 32S 15

Prague – Zurich eff 31MAR13 Service resumes with 10 weekly flights
OK586 PRG1450 – 1605ZRH S20 x247
OK584 PRG1915 – 2055ZRH AT7 x6

OK585 ZRH0740 – 0920PRG AT7 x7
OK587 ZRH1635 – 1750PRG S20 x247

OK last operated ZRH service on 28OCT11

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