AIRFRANCE W13 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 30AUG13

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As per 30AUG13 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to AIRFRANCE’s Northern Winter 2013/14 long-haul operation as follow. Planned changes begin from 27OCT13. Additional changes will be made in the next few months.

Paris CDG – Abidjan
AF702/703 14JAN14 – 27MAR14 Day 24 service operated by 777-200ER instead of -300ER (Day 3 operates with -200ER from 14JAN14 to 06FEB14)
AF704/705 3 weekly service operated by 777-200ER, replaces A340-300 (Unchanged)

Paris CDG – Buenos Aires – Montevideo Boeing 777-300ER to operate along with -200ER from 26DEC13 remains unchanged, however there is minor operational day changes for 777 operation
26DEC13 – 29MAR14 77W Day x146 (Day x257 from MVD/EZE) 772 Day 4 (Day 5 from MVD/EZE)

Paris CDG – Houston 13JAN14 – 17FEB14 Boeing 777-200ER replaces -300ER on daily basis (Previous plan: 777-200ER operates on Day 13)
Paris CDG – Montreal 16JAN14 – 09FEB14 AF continues to offer 14 weekly service, instead of reducing to 12. However AF342/345 to be operated by Airbus A340-300 instead of 747-400
Paris CDG – New York JFK
27OCT13 – 05JAN14 / 21MAR14 – 29MAR14 Service increases from 28 to 32 weekly (AF012/017 Day x246 with 332) remains unchanged
13JAN14 – 12FEB14 Service reduces from 28 to 26-27 weekly, pending on operational week (AF008/009 service reduction)

Paris CDG – Sao Paulo
14JAN14 – 04FEB14 Service reduce from 14 to 13 weekly
AF456/459 4-class Boeing 777-300ER replaces -200ER (Overall 2 daily 777-300ER; Plan remain unchanged)

Paris CDG – Seoul Incheon 15JAN14 – 29MAR14 Day 37 from CDG, Day 14 from ICN operated by 777-200ER, instead of -300ER (Selected dates also cancelled in Feb/Mar 2014)
Paris CDG – Tokyo Narita Expanded Service reductions
13JAN14 – 13FEB14 Service reduce from 14 to 11 weekly (AF278/277 operational frequency varies during service reductions. Service previously planned to reduce to 13 weekly)
AF278/277 Boeing 777-200ER replaces -300ER on Day 136 (Day 247 from NRT; Aircraft adjustment remains unchanged)

Paris CDG – Washington Dulles 13JAN14 – 15FEB14 Boeing 777-300ER replaces A380 (Previous plan: 13JAN14 – 09FEB14)

Previously reported changes:
Paris CDG – Atlanta AF688/689 operated by Boeing 777-300ER instead of -200ER on following
27OCT13 – 17NOV13 / 13DEC13 – 22DEC13 Daily
18NOV13 – 12DEC13 Day x124

Paris CDG – Beijing 15JAN14 – 06FEB14 Service reduce from 10 to 9 weekly
Paris CDG – Cancun eff 04DEC13 Service increases from 4 to 5 weekly
Paris CDG – Djibouti 1 weekly NONSTOP A340-300 service, replacing 3 weekly 1-stop via Riyadh
Paris CDG – Guangzhou 13JAN14 – 02FEB14 Service reduce from 5 to 4 weekly
Paris CDG – Ho Chi Minh Service operates 4 weekly with 3-class Boeing 777-300ER
Paris CDG – Hong Kong 14JAN14 – 29MAR14 Service reduce from 10 to 7 weekly
Paris CDG – Johannesburg 13JAN14 – 04FEB14 Service reduce from daily to 6 weekly
Paris CDG – Miami eff 09DEC13 Boeing 777-300ER replaces 747-400, 6 weekly service
Paris CDG – Osaka Kansai 14JAN14 – 29JAN14 Service reduce from daily to 6 weekly
Paris CDG – Panama City eff 25NOV13 NEW 3 weekly Boeing 777-200ER service
Paris CDG – Riyadh Service reduces from 5 to 4 weekly
Paris CDG – San Francisco 14JAN14 – 05FEB14 Service reduce from daily to 6 weekly
Paris CDG – Shanghai Pu Dong 12JAN14 – 03FEB14 Service reduce from 13 to 12 weekly
Paris CDG – Singapore Service operates daily with Boeing 777-300ER (From 01SEP13)
Paris CDG – Toronto 14JAN14 – 04FEB14 Service reduce from daily to 6 weekly
Paris CDG – Wuhan Service reduces from 3 weekly 777-200ER to 2 weekly A330-200

Previously reported on 18MAR13, AIRFRANCE will change operational flight numbers on Indian Ocean, French Caribbean routes.
Paris CDG – Antananarivo AF934/935
Paris CDG – Mauritius AF460/463 (AF in 1970s and 1990s assigned both flight numbers on this route)
Paris CDG – Punta Cana AF968/969
Paris CDG – Punta Cana – Santo Domingo – Paris CDG AF741
Paris CDG – St. Maarten AF498/499
Paris CDG – Santo Domingo AF734/733
Paris Orly – Cayenne AF852/853
Paris Orly – Fort-de-France AF842/841, AF848/847
Paris Orly – Pointe-a-Pitre AF792/793, AF796/797
Paris Orly – St. Denis de la Reunion AF642/643, AF644/645

Following intra-Caribbean service, including Miami and Cayenne, will adopt AF600 – 629 flight number series (replacing AF3900 – 3999 Series):
Pointe-a-Pitre – Fort-de-France
Pointe-a-Pitre – Fort-de-France – Cayenne
Pointe-a-Pitre – Port-au-Prince – Miami
Pointe-a-Pitre – Santo Domingo

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