Emirates 2010/11 Operation Plan – Update 4

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The following are latest Emirates’ 2010/11 Operational Plan, which the changes appeared in the GDS inventory display as of 31JAN10:

eff 01JUL10
Dubai – Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne Boeing 777-300ER replace A340-500
Dubai – Munich EK049/050 Airbus A340-500 replace Boeing 777-300ER

eff 01AUG10
Dubai – Accra Planned Airbus A340-500 replace -300, CANCELED
Dubai – Accra – Abidjan Planned Airbus A340-500 replace -300, CANCELED
Dubai – Casablanca Airbus A340-500 replace -300
Melbourne All Boeing 777-300ER Operation

eff 31OCT10
Dubai – Hong Kong 777-300ER replace -200ER (till 31DEC10)
Dubai – Lagos EK781/782 Airbus A340-500 replace -300
Dubai – Madrid Airbus A340-300 replace A330-200
Dubai – Male EK658/659 777-300ER replace -300 on Day 1 (all 77W op on this flight)
Dubai – Male – Colombo – Dubai EK654 Boeing 777-200ER replace -300 on Day 14
Dubai – Perth EK424/425 Boeing 777-200LR replace Airbus A340-500 (all 77L op)
Dubai – Seychelles Airbus A340-500 replace A330-200
Dubai – Venice Airbus A340-300 replace A330-200, First Class available for sale

eff 01NOV10
Dubai – Hamburg Boeing 777-300 replace -300ER
Dubai – Moscow Domodedovo EK131/132 777-300ER replace -300 on Day x7 (No Suites Class)

eff 06NOV10
Dubai – Tehran EK977/978 777-200LR replace -200 from 06NOV10 on Day 6

eff 01JAN11
Dubai – Addis Ababa – Entebbe Airbus A340-500 replace Boeing 777-300ER
Dubai – Athens EK103/103 Airbus A340-500 replace A330-200 (all 345 op)
Dubai – Brisbane – Auckland Boeing 777-300ER replace Airbus A340-500*

*By 01JAN11, it appears that Emirates will no longer flying Airbus A340-500 on Ultra Long-Haul service
*31DEC10 is the last day of Emirates A340-500 operation to Australia and New Zealand (ex-AKL/BNE 01JAN11)

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