SmartWings launch Nantes and Nice service in S11

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SmartWings from 31MAR11 is launching Prague – Nantes and Prague – Nice route on board Boeing 737-500 aircraft.

Both routes operates twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. Schedule:

Prague – Nantes
QS1042 PRG1230 – 1430NTE 735 4
QS1042 PRG1740 – 1940NTE 735 7

QS1043 NTE1515 – 1710PRG 735 4
QS1043 NTE2025 – 2220PRG 735 7

Prague – Nice
QS1046 PRG0645 – 0830NCE 735 4
QS1046 PRG1225 – 1410NCE 735 7

QS1047 NCE0915 – 1100PRG 735 4
QS1047 NCE1455 – 1640PRG 735 7

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